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We believe in leveling the playing field for access to top tech talent and tools, ensuring that transformative skills reach beyond elite tech circles to places where they can make a meaningful impact on lives and not just profits.  

It's taken as a foregone conclusion that the best developers will end up either at the big tech companies (Meta, Google, Microsoft ,etc.. ) or the up and coming unicorns with lots of investment dollars to spend (Open AI, Stripe, Canva, etc...). If your core business isn't technology, you have to settle for second or third tier talent, right? Wrong!
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Contrary to popular belief the best software developers are not purely motivated by money.

The best software developers are looking to work in an environment where:

They have an opportunity to directly contribute to a higher goal or mission
They are given the tools and processes they need to be successful
They are allowed the space to exercise their craft creatively and collaboratively

We have developed an environment where the best technical talent thrives without breaking the bank. Having the talent you need means not having to worry that an important project goal will not be reached. It means the confidence to take on impactful work that leads to market dominance and more successful outcomes for your customers.

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Isn't hiring outsourced development more expensive than in-house staff?
If we engage with BackslashDev, are we stuck with you forever? Aren't you incentivized to drive vendor lock-in?
How do you ensure the safety of my data and intellectual property?
How can I be sure the project deliverables will meet my expectations?
What happens post project completion?

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